Author: Sue Westgarth and Brad Mann J J Mt. Gambier, SA   Date Posted:8 December 2016 

Our story begins when Brad and I discussed the concern of the over-use of sheep drenches. My father drenches his sheep at least 5 to 6 times a year while we were drenching our sheep at least 3 times a year to prevent worm infestation especially Barbers Poll worm. Although our sheep appeared to be fat and healthy,Barbers Poll worm caused several sheep losses. The trepidation of sheep loss and the mounting expense of sheep drenches gave us a legitimate reason to consider alternative methods for the health of our sheep.
Early 2005 we commenced drenching our ewes with a mixture of 5ml of Vitec Min-Kel, 5ml of Apple Cider Vinegar and 5ml of Salmon Fish Oils. This was given to them in a normal drench back pack and drench gun which proved to be simple and easy. The results speak for themselves as our shearer has commented how fat and healthy our ewes are and my father is envious with how our sheep are more robust and active than his own ewes.
Although our paddocks have endured limited feed we have discovered that our cattle appear to be healthier and stronger since we have been adding a mixture of Vitec Min-Kel, Apple Cider Vinegar and Cod Liver Oil in their water troughstwo to three times a week. We also now use Pat Coleby‚Äôs Stock Lick mixed with a small quantity of barley to entice our stock. My father continually comments how our sheep and cattle as well as their off-spring have improved in size and bulkiness since early 2005. The proof is in the pudding!
Since the success of improved stock health we have commenced a two year farm plan with Vitec and SWEP. Recently our paddocks were sprayed with Vitec Combo and already seeing results of greener and rapid grass growth. We have spoken to other local farmers who are also switching to natural organic fertilisers as they are seeing the benefits on their own farms. With such victory results we now use Vitec Katek on our fruit trees and Vitec Combo on our roses. Brad and I believe that getting back to basics will result in the future health of our soils, plants and animals.
Our thanks to you all at Vitec for the loyal support and dependable advice you have given us. We look forward to a long and happy association with Vitec and having a positive impact on our farm.  

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