Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Often you can’t tell until it’s too late e.g. it is too late e.g. it is too late if the stock doesn’t fall pregnant or they suffer from birthing difficulties. It is more economical to give a background dose .

Excessive worm burden.

Poor weight gain.

Eye, foot, staggers, problems.


Animals unable to digest dry fibrous food.

Yes. But its role of multiplying gut microbes is somewhat hampered.

If dewormers are being administered then if practical drench at least 2hrs after deworming. Using the two simultaneously is better than not using Min-Kel at all.  Explanation: De wormers not only kill parasitic worms in the digestive system they  also reduce bacteria in the animals digestive system. So by allowing “some” time after the dewormer  to pass along the digestive system the Min-Kel can help to re establish beneficial microbes in the digestive system.

Yes. 1. As the amount of copper in Min-Kel is a background amount. However check with your Vet as to the amount of copper you use as copper has been accuse of being toxic and can accumulate.

 2.You may also use Hydrogen peroxide which is a much safer product for stock and takes away the risk of overdosing with copper.

Vitec Fish is completely safe to the farmer, the crop, and the wider environment.

Vitec Fish is certified “A” as an input by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA).

VITEC Fish is now widely used on ovals, public gardens, golf courses, bowling greens, and other recreational areas because of its environmentally safe nature.

Vitec Fish is manufactured from fresh fish material normally varied in landfill dumps and the process produces no odours of liquid effluents. A product totally friendly to the environment.

A. Vitec fish works in 4 ways.

1. Applied to the soil the pure protein component complete with all minerals and trace elements stimulates the organic life of the soil. Fungi, Bacteria, Earthworms etc combine to release locked – up nutrients from organic material and from soil minerals. Nutrients released this way are not forced on the plant as is the case with soluble chemical fertilisers. Vitec fish feeds the soil organisms in a particularly health way.


2. Applied to plant foliage the nutrients and organic stimulants are drawn  into the plant and translocated to the roots. This boost of nutrition stimulates the roots to exude more sugars. These sugars in turn stimulate adjacent actinomycetes and other organisms to increase the release of plant available nutrients from organic and mineral fractions of the soil.


3.Fish applied to the foliage also encourages a “Bloom” of harmless bacteria on the surface of the foliage. Many of these bacteria actively suppress the establishment of fungi such as the mildews.


4. By encouraging natural unforced growth Vitec fish will assist raising sugar levels and preventing excessive nitrogen levels in produce – two of the most critical factors in natural pest resistance and improved shelf life.

Vitec Min-Kel has a seaweed base fortified with extra trace minerals andVitamin A, D & E. The seaweed in Vitec Min-Kel is liquefied using Vitec’s unique cold enzymic process where the entire complex nutrients of the original seaweed are made available to stock. Therefore it is entirely digestible and is a particularly natural product. It keeps animals healthynaturally often reducing the need for harmful dewormers and other costly vetinary treatments.

It is approved and registered with Biological Farmers of Australia.

A background dose is a regular drench given while the animals are not under stress e.g. sheep would be given 10 - 25 mls. whenever they are yarded. In stressful situations such as lack of good quality feed, mating time, birthing time the background dose can be increased five times for Vitec Min-Kel Stock supplement and Vitec Omega fish Oil. (see Vitec Min-Kel sheet)

Anytime that your animals are under stress they may need extra supplementation.

Unfortunately you often you can’t tell until it’s too late e.g. it is too late if the stock doesn’t fall pregnant or they suffer from birthing difficulties.

Then there are obvious signs of problems such as excessive worm burden, poor weight gain,

eye, foot, staggers problems, scours or animals simply unable to digest dry fibrous food.

It is far more economical to give a background dose before these problems occur.

Often essential nutrients are locked up or lacking in the soil and the plants cannot tap into them. Plants uptake different nutrients at different rates during their growing period so the stock often don’t get the full array of elements they need to provide for their ultimate health.

So from time to time stock are unable to obtain adequate nutrition from pasture and conserved feeds. This can also be due to cold or excessive wet conditions in Spring, Winter and Autumn and lack of sunlight during these seasons, summer drought, or feed could be excessively dry and fibrous or of poor quality.

So in supplementing animals with the 60 plus trace elements which are inVitec Kelp based Stock Supplements the animals will perform much better in many different ways.

For a slightly acid soil, spray a combination of Fish Fertiliser (Omega)and our sprayable lime 1 x 25kg bag per hectare.  This improves microbial activity and helps balance the soil and raise the pH on a temporary basis.. Vitec Fish Fertiliser by increasing microbes which aerate the soil will also increase pH.

Ph stands for “ power of Hydrogen “ and you either displace hydrogen by using calcium products or by aeration, PH is actually a measure of Hydrogen which can be affected by calcium in the soil.

The kit we send has simple instructions  and we can explain it to if you are not certain. We can also arrange for a soil test on your property. The kit is from SWEP Soil testing Lab, easy to use and once the test is done we can then go through your results to help you balance your soil for maximum potentioal.

To find what nutrients are needed to grow the crop or pasture.Equally important is what nutrients or action is required to balance the soil so the nutrients that are applied are more effective and give you a better return for the dollars spent on fertilisers.

COMBO is the best product spray mixed 1:100 with water and sprayed or poured on plant foliar every 1-2 weeks.  Especially good for all home garden needs.  Many commercial flower and vegetable growers use ourCOMBO and Fish Fertiliser.

Soil application– 60-100 litres per hectare per year.

Foliar application– 20 litres per hectare per season.

These rates are total rates and should be divided up.

For example:

Fertigationon soil may well be best at 10-20 litres per hectare each watering.

Foliar application3-5 litres per hectare every 2-3 weeks.

For smaller home gardens, COMBO can be applied at a rate of 1 partCOMBO to 150 parts water each week.

A little bit often gives the best results.

On soil/pasture once or twice per year – Spring and Autumn

Through fertigation – a little bit each watering or every second watering whatever suits best. Small amounts often are better than larger infrequent lots.

On foliar – horticulture and vegetables an application is best about every 2-3 weeks.

Home gardeners – once per fortnight on vegetables. Roses every 2-3 weeks.

(This cannot be practical for commercial applications.)

There is no general rule as some farmers see quick results and others report no progress for some time and need to put out 2 or 3 applications before a result is evident in case of some pasture.

Yes- small quantities can be applied using hand sprays or watering can. For commercial application  use boom spray ,fieldjet or fertigation equipment .With boom sprays or other spray equipment it is advisable to remove any fine filters, otherwise the Fish oils may cause some restriction on the filters.

Vitec Fish Fertiliser is not denatured by poor processing methods. You get more nutrients in our fertiliser and our price is extremely competitive.   ------------- because we supply commercial growers and it is used in a variety of equipment. Our quality control (100) microns  is second to none.

There are approximately 50 trace elements in Vitec Fish Fertiliser.  When applied to the soil, this acts as food for microbes, which in turn helps the soil balance and makes a healthier soil, encouraging earthworms.