Absorba-Cide Organic Natural Insecticidal Dust 12.5kg

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An organic, BFA certified, finely ground, 10 micron, dust of diatomaceous earth.

A natural alternative to chemicals. No withholding periods.


Poultry: Red Mite and Louse control - dusting nest boxes, hen house structure and in dust bath areas.

Stored Grain Pests: Insecticidal dust for stored grain insect pests in silos, warehouses and grain handling machinery. Can be mixed to a slurry to spray out.

Bees: Dust bee hives for small hive beetle.

Bed Bugs: Non chemical control



Absorbacide controls all economically important stored grain insect pests including weevils, beetles, borers, and moths. A single application provides 12 month protection against insect pests in:

  • Stored products such as wheat, barley, rice, corn, sorghum, lentils, peas and other stored commodities.
  • Warehouses and storage areas holding food products.
  • Empty silos and grain handling machinery such as combine harvesters, belt conveyors and bucket elevators.


A natural product registered with the Australian Veterinary and Pesticides Authority for use against insect pests of stored grain and registered as an allowable input for organic farmers by the BFA.

Beware, some diatomite products are being sold that use inferior grade diatomite inappropriately treated. This material has not been scientifically tested to establish efficacy.

Absorba-Cide kills insects by absorbing oils and waxes from the insect cuticle thus facilitating moisture loss and death by dehydration. In addition, the shards of silica in the material abrade the pest leading to its physical disintegration. Resistance is not likely since it is the physical and not chemical properties of Absorba-Cide that make it an effective insecticide.

While diatomite is non-toxic for humans as well as livestock and poultry, we do not endorse or recommend its use as a human food supplement. This is because it is not prepared under the sterile conditions approriate to this purpose.


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Invaluable stuff

By: on 8 March 2019
Great product. Really fine so works well through cat hair for natural de-fleaing. Collie has it in food and his coat is super glossy and great for keeping him clear of parasites. Such valuable stuff you wish everyone knew about it..

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