About Us

The Vitec Story

Vitec was established in 1989 by Ted Sloan. Ted was an agricultural scientist who had over a decade worth of practical experience having worked as a commercial orchardist for many years prior to establishing Vitec. 

Throughout his time as an orchardist, Ted came to appreciate that there was far more to soil fertility, plant growth and animal health than simply applying large amounts of fertiliser. 

Ted’s philosophy for successful soil fertility along with plant and animal health was based around finding the optimal balance between the biological activity, the physical characteristics and the chemical balance in the soil. 

After experiencing first hand the negative impact that soil imbalance and lack of essential nutrients had on his own orchard, Ted began to experiment with the use of fish and seaweed on his property as well as neighbouring farms. Ted quickly realised how effective seaweed and fish were at stimulating biological activity in both plants and soil and soon after created Vitec.

After extensive research and numerous trials, Ted soon found the optimal balance and created the Vitec method, which is still used to day. Vitec’s unique method of processing fish and seaweed ensures that maximum levels of complex nutrients are retained resulting in improved crop and fruit yields, enhanced soil condition and improved overall animal health.

Vitec products have been adopted by many organic and conventional farmers to increase their yields of 1st grade produce and improve animal performance while increasing profits through reduced farming costs.

We hope that you enjoy learning about Vitec and our range of products as you browse through our site.

We are committed to building a healthier environment for us all to live in and invite you to join us by using our Natural, Organic Fertiliser's and Stock Supplement's. These have all been formulated so that they are safe to use and are naturally friendly to all living things.

We also believe that our products are the best in their field and give you the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY.

Vitec is Greener

Vitec proudly uses it’s own rain water collected from the large factory roof. Vitec only uses rain water in its production and cleaning and does not use the usual ’Town’ water which is treated with numerous chemicals.


Vitec is celebrating 29 years of successful business & has been growing strong since 1989.