Vitec Kelp Concentrate (Certified Organic)


Kelp concentrate is a certified organic premium natural seaweed based stock supplement to improve overall health of all types of livestock.

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Premium natural seaweed based stock supplement.

Vitec’s Kelp Concentrate is produced using premium King Island kelp, one of the richest sources of micro-nutrients, alginic acid, essential amino acids, minerals and other complex carbohydrates. Vitec’s Kelp Concentrate for Stock enables farmers to provide their animals with the beneficial nutrients found in kelp in a simple and easy to administer liquid solution. The liquifying process used to create Vitec’s Kelp Concentrate, improves overall absorption as essential vitamins and minerals are easily digested and metabolised. Vitec’s Kelp Concentrate promote healthy growth, improved vitality and appearance while minimised the likelihood of disease due to better immune health.


  • Improves digestion
  • Reduced the likelihood of birthing complications
  • Great pick me up for livestock and animals
  • Quick recovery from stress or illness
  • No withholding periods
  • Made from 100% Australian Bull Kelp from King Island

4 Simple ways to Administer:

  • Drenching (Recommended)
  • Adding to Feed
  • Adding to water supply
  • Lick rollers – “Eezy Feeder” found under “Accessories”

The thicker nature of Vitec kelp products is perfect to use in the “Eezy Feeder” as it clings to the licker ball.”

Administration/Dosage Rates:

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Chemical Analysis

Nitrogen 0.03%, Phosphorus 0.01%, Potassium 0.85%, Sulphur 0.05%, Calcium 0.09%, Magnesium 0.05%, Sodium 0.28%, Iron 115ppm, Manganese 1.34ppm, Zinc 8.88ppm, Copper 1.09ppm, Cobalt 0.12ppm, Boron 18.7ppm, Molybdenum 0.18ppm, Selenium 0.63ppm, Organic Carbon 1.41%

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