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The Vitec Eezy Feeder is an alternative to constant drenching of livestock. Fill the eezy feeder and place in a paddock for constant availablity of supplementation.

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Everybody needs more time, the Vitec Eezy feeder can help!

By placing the Eezy feeder in your paddock this allows you to get the required nutrition to your livestock without having to bring them in for a drench. This easy to use product will not only save you time but it will allow your livestock to have access to mineral supplements as they require them.

  • Saves time, effort & money
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy to train stock to use
  • Holds up to 17lt liquid stock supplements
  • UV stabilised

“The Eezy Feeder by Vitec is a revolutionary idea, creating a smart alternative to the drench gun. It saves time, effort, and money – drenches can cost hundreds, also, it doesn’t waste valuable Trio unlike drench guns and their wasted oil residue. It can be used with many different animals, and can be filled with Vitec’s celebrated Trio stock supplement (Min-Kel, Cod Liver Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar). So sit back, relax, and let the animals do it for you!”

“I think the Eezy Feeder is a good investment. I was looking for a way to administer small, equal amounts of Vitec Trio. The feeders are doing this nicely, as opposed to the alternative of yarding and drenching. Vitec Trio is a very helpful general tonic, there has been claims of better fertility, easier lambing, helps preg. toxemia, less disease problems & a boost to their vigour.”

Testimonial from Malcolm Jarred, Nhill, VIC.

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1 review for Vitec Eezy Feeder

  1. Jeff Imison

    This simple yet effective supplement feeder has solved my drenching issues & possibly will help with better healthier lambing.

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