100% Australian Made
100% Certified Organic


Vitalise your soil your
crops and your stock


A balanced approach
to soil fertilisation

About Us…

At Vitec Organics, our team are passionate about creating quality Australian Made & Certified Organic products. Are range of premium organic fertilisers and stock supplements are designed to replenish soil nutrient levels, improve animal health and restore soil fertility.

Our kelp based products are manufactured using 100% Australian Bull Kelp (Durvillaea Potatorum) collected from the pristine shores of King Island and our fish based products are sustainably made using the remains of various ocean fish.

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  • Vitec Combo Fertiliser (Certified Organic)

  • Vitec Combo Plus Fertiliser

  • Vitec Fish Fertiliser (Certified Organic)

  • Vitec King Kelp Fertiliser (Certified Organic)

  • Vitec Min-Kel (Certified Organic)

  • Vitec Slow Release Soil Conditioner (Certified Organic)

  • Vitec Trio

  • Vitec Kelp Concentrate (Certified Organic)


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