Vitec Slow Release Soil Conditioner (Certified Organic)


Vitec Slow Release Soil Conditioner is a kelp (seaweed) based fertiliser that contains 100% Australian bull kelp (Durvillaea potatorum) which is collected from the shores of King Island.



Vitec Kelp Meal – slow release soil conditioner is the fertiliser your garden has been crying out for…

Vitec Kelp Meal, is a slow release granular fertiliser which will provide your garden with a long lasting supply of nutrients. Sourced from the pristine shores of King Island, Vitec Kelp Meal (Durvillaea Potatorum) has been storm cast from the clean waters of Bass Strait, making it one of the most premium seaweeds in Australia.

When applied to soil, Vitec Kelp Meal will slowly break down and stimulate microbial activity and ‘unlock’ the minerals and
nutrients within the soil. Add Vitec Kelp Meal to your soil to improve growth, increase uptake of nutrients, improve seed germination and also improve drought and frost resistance.

Vitec Kelp Meal is one of natures most complete sources of trace elements and complex carbohydrates. Vitec Kelp Meal is 100% Australian bull kelp (Durvillaea potatorum) which is collected from the shores of King Island.


Application Rates:

Vegetables: 1 cup per sq/m
Fruit Trees: (Small) 1-2 cups per sq/m, (Large) 2-3 cups per sq/m
Lawn: 2-3 cups per sq/m
Annuals & Perennials: 1 cups per sq/m
Compost: 4-5 cups per sq/m

Chemical Analysis

Nitrogen 0.87%, Phosphorus 0.13%, Potassium 1.44%, Sulphur 1.03%, Calcium 1.94%, Magnesium 1.24%, Sodium 5.24%, Iron 307ppm, Manganese 8ppm, Zinc 36ppm, Copper 2.09ppm, Cobalt 0.21ppm, Boron 73.7ppm, Molybdenum 0.5ppm, Organic Carbon 31.3%

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Additional information

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