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Vitec Min-Kel, is a certified organic seaweed (kelp) based stock supplement that works to increase immune health, improve coat quality, fertility and contraception rates while minimised the likelihood of birth complication or birth defects. Min-Kel is a highly concentrated and nutritious supplement that is high in iodine and other trace minerals such as copper, zinc, iron and magnesium.

When given to livestock, the iodine in the kelp assists with the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals for overall better health and energy production. When stressful conditions occur such as reduced feed, extreme climate conditions or sickness, Vitec’s Min-Kel can be an extremely effective way to provide the animal with valuable nutrients.

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Premium natural seaweed based stock supplement with added minerals and vitamins to improve overall health.

Vitec’s cold enzyme process ensures that all nutrients are preserved at their maximum level resulting in a highly concentrated and nutritious stock supplement. Vitec’s Min-Kel improves fertility and contraception rates while minimised the likelihood of birth complication or birth defects. Min-Kel also improves overall immune health, minimises illness, improves coat quality and assists with general weight gain. Generally, there are no hard and fast rules, small regular doses with good feeding levels provides the ideal condition in which the natural components in kelp can contribute to healthy stock and high performance.


  • Stops scouring
  • Improves wool bloom and coat quality
  • Improves fertility and contraception rates
  • Reduced the likelihood of birthing complications
  • Quick recovery from stress or illness
  • Made from 100% Australian Bull Kelp from King Island

4 Simple ways to Administer:

  • Drenching (Recommended)
  • Adding to Feed
  • Adding to water supply
  • Lick rollers – “Eezy Feeder” found under “Accessories”

The thicker nature of Vitec Min-Kel is perfect to use in the “Eezy Feeder” as it clings to the licker ball.

Administration/Dosage Rates:

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Chemical Analysis

Nitrogen 0.05%, Phosphorus 0.01%, Potassium 0.94%, Sulphur 0.37%, Calcium 0.09%, Magnesium 0.15%, Sodium 0.19%, Iron 114ppm, Manganese 3.25ppm, Zinc 952ppm, Copper 674ppm, Cobalt 0.01ppm, Boron 19.2ppm, Molybdenum 0.18ppm, Organic Carbon 1.73%

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1 review for Vitec Min-Kel (Certified Organic)

  1. Jill Noble

    I simply can’t imagine farming without minkel! We add it to our calves milk, it the first thing we use for any sign of ill health and we use it pre-lambing as a drench. A great product that we’ve been using for over five years!

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