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Now we touched on application rates in an earlier blog but let’s break it down a little further.

Our standard application rates are 5L per hectare across all products or approx. 2L per acre.

It’s important to remember that this is our standard recommendation. Below you can download our more comprehensive guide on what application rates typically work for different plant and crop types but please remember that this is just a guide as results will vary depending on your soils baseline health.

The next thing to note is that because our products are designed to stimulate soil biology and plant growth, and they do not contain any nasty chemicals, they can be applied at slightly higher or lower rates. If you apply our products at a slightly higher or lower rate it will not adversely affect your soil or plants, the nutrients will simply remain in the soil ready to be absorb when required by the microbes or plants. Nothing goes to waste.

If you have had a soil test conducted that provides a recommendation on what’s best for your property, by all means follow that advice to ensure you have the most cost-effective solution for your operation.

If you have been considering conducting a soil test, we highly recommend utilising SWEP. SWEP is one of Australia’s leading, fully independent, certified laboratories, offering a wide range of analytical services. They cater for the large agricultural producer down to the backyard gardener, by providing all the information you need in order to increase both profitability and sustainability. SWEP will be able to provide you with a clear recommendation on what application rates and products are best for your operation based on your soil analysis.

Application Rates by Crop/Plant Type

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