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Fertiliser FAQ’s

Below we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions that we receive. If you require further clarification please contact our friendly team.

What are the environmental effects of using Vitec Fertilisers?

Vitec Fertilisers are completely safe to the farmer, the crop, and the wider environment.

Vitec Fertilisers are certified organic by NASAA The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia and 100% Australian Made.

Vitec Fish is manufactured from 100% ocean fish hydrolysate, made from the waste of Australia fish ensuring that all the fish is used after fillets have been used to sell for food.

Vitec Kelp is manufactured in Australia using only Australian Bull Kelp directly from the shores of King Island.

A product friendly to the environment.

Exactly how does Vitec Fish, Combo and Combo Plus Fertiliser work (how is it taken up, where does it act in the plant)?

  • When Vitec Fertiliser is applied to the soil it stimulates the organic life of the soil (Fungi, bacteria, earthworms, ect) This helps to release the locked-up nutrients from the Soil and organic material. The nutrients that have been released in this way are not forced on the plant like some soluble chemical fertilisers.
  • Vitec Fertiliser the soil organisms for the plants to feed on naturally. This boost of nutrition stimulates the roots to release more sugars. These sugars in turn stimulate adjacent actinomycetes and other organisms. In turn this will increase the release of nutrients available for the plant. From the organic and mineral fractions of the soil.
  • Vitec Fertiliser applied to the foliage also encourages a “Bloom” of harmless bacteria on the surface of the foliage. Many of these bacteria actively suppress the establishment of fungi such as the mildews.
  • By encouraging natural unforced growth Vitec Fertiliser will assist raising sugar levels and preventing excessive nitrogen levels in produce. These are the two most critical factors in natural pest resistance and improved shelf life.

What should I do for an acid soil?

For a slightly acid soil, spray an application of Fish, Combo or Combo Plus

Fertiliser  and our sprayable lime (1 x 25kg bag per hectare) This improves microbial activity, helps balance the soil and raise the pH on a temporary basis.

Using Vitec Fish Fertiliser will also increase pH, by increasing microbes which aerate the soil.

What is pH?

pH is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution.

Solutions with a high concentration of hydrogen ions have a low pH. (Acidic)

Solutions with a low concentrations of hydrogen ions have a high pH. (Alkaline)

If your soil is too acidic then you can reduce the Hydrogen by using Calcium products or by aeration.

If your soil is too Alkaline then adding a agricultural sulphur can reduce the pH.

How do I do a soil test?

We have test kits available for you to try at home.

The test kit is from SWEP Soil Testing Lab, easy to use and once the test is complete we can then go through your results to help you balance your soil for maximum potential.

Send us an email and we can organise to send you out a soil test kit.

Why do I need a soil test?

A soil test is helpful to find out what nutrients you have in your soil. This will help to find which nutrients or actions that are required to balance the soil.

Having a balanced soil will make the supplements applied to your soil more affective. Giving you a better return on investment in Vitec Fertilisers.

Having in balance soils will ensure that the feed you grow is highly nutritious and the best possible quality for your livestock.

Can I use Vitec Fertiliser for my vegetable garden?

Can I use Vitec Fertiliser for my vegetable garden?

Vitec Combo is the best product spray directly on your Vegetable garden.

Vitec King Kelp is best applied directly to the soil to increase microbial activity.

Mixed 45ml in a 9Lt watering and apply to the plant foliage every 1-2 weeks.

Many commercial flower and vegetable growers use Vitec Fertilisers.

What rates do you apply Vitec Fertiliser?

Soil application– 5 – 10 litres per hectare.

Foliar application– 5-10 litres per hectare.

These rates general and depending on your pasture and crop rates may vary.

For example:

Fertigation on Soil may be best at 5-10 litres per hectare each watering.

Foliar application 5 litres per hectare every 2-3 weeks.

For smaller home gardens, mix 30ml in a 9Lt watering and apply to the plant foliage.

How often should I apply Vitec Fertilisers?

A little bit, often. This will ensure the best results.

On soil/pasture once or twice per year – Spring and Autumn

Through fertigation. A little bit each watering or every second watering whatever suits best. Small amounts often are better than larger infrequent lots.

On foliar, horticulture and vegetables an application is best about every 2-3 weeks.

Home gardeners, once per fortnight on vegetables. Roses every 2-3 weeks.

How long will it take until I see a result?

There is no general rule as some farmers see quick results. Others report slower progress needing to put out 2-3 applications before a result is evident.

Are Vitec Fertiliser easy to apply?


Small quantities can be applied using hand sprays or a watering can.

For commercial application the use of a boom spray, field jet or fertigation equipment is required.

With boom sprays or other spray equipment it is advisable to remove any fine filters, otherwise the products may cause some restriction on the filters.

How does Vitec Fish Fertiliser compare with other Fish Fertilisers?

Vitec Fish Fertiliser is not denatured by poor processing methods.

Vitec Fish Fertiliser provides more nutrients, it can be used in a variety of spray equipment and our price is extremely competitive.

What is in the Vitec Fish Fertiliser?

There are approximately 50 trace elements in Vitec Fish Fertiliser.

When applied to the soil, this acts as food for microbes. This in turn helps the soil balance and makes a healthier soil, encouraging earthworms.

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