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Stock Supplements FAQ’s

Below we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions that we receive. If you require further clarification please contact our friendly team.

How do I know my animals need stock supplements?

These are all indicators that your stock may require a stock supplement.

  • Excessive worm burden
  • Poor weight gain
  • Staggers, scours
  • Stock unable to digest dry fibrous foods
  • Difficulty falling pregnant
  • Suffer from birthing difficulties

Although extra supplementation may be required anytime that your stock are under stress such as Joining and birthing, or when there is a lack of good quality feed.

Why use stock supplements?

Often essential nutrients are locked up or lacking in the soil that the feed is grown in. Which means that the plants are not able to take up all of the nutrients.  Which in turn means the stock often don’t get the full array of elements they need to provide for their ultimate health.

If so then stock can struggle to obtain adequate nutrition from pasture and conserved feeds. Also contributing to this is cold or excessive wet conditions, a lack of sunlight, summer drought, or feed could be excessively dry and fibrous or of poor quality.

So, in supplementing animals with Vitec Kelp based Stock Supplements the animals will receive more than 60 trace elements which will help the animals perform in many different ways.

Can worm drenches be used with Min-Kel?

In short Yes!

For the best results drench at least two hours post deworming. (Note. Deworming and Min-Kel can be used in conjunction if not practical to drench two hours post de worming. Although results may be reduced.)

When a de wormer is used, it not only kills parasitic worms in the digestive system. It also reduces bacteria in the stocks digestive system. By allowing some time between deworming and drenching the Min-Kel can help to re-establish the beneficial microbes in the stocks digestive system.

Can I use Min-Kel in water troughs as well as copper sulphate for the control of algae?


We recommend that you check with your local vet the amount of copper sulphate that you use as it can accumulate and has been thought to be toxic in some cases. Min-Kel contains small amounts of copper.

What is the main benefit of using Min-Kel?

Vitec Min-Kel has a seaweed base. It is fortified with Vitamin A, D, E and extra trace minerals.

The seaweed in Vitec Min-Kel is liquefied using Vitec’s unique process. In this process all of the complex nutrients of the original seaweed are made available to stock.

Therefore, it is entirely digestible and a natural product. It keeps animals healthy naturally, in turn often   reducing the need for chemical de wormers and other costly vetinary treatments.

It is approved and certified organic by NASAA The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia.

What is meant by a background dose?

A background dose is a regular drench given while the animals are not under stress.

If under stress, background dose can be increased by 5 for Vitec Min-Kel Stock supplement and Vitec Apple Cider Vinegar.

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