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Are you considering giving liquid fertiliser a try? 

Have you been holding back because you don’t have the right set up in place?

Maybe you’re deterred because of the cost of purchasing a new spray unit. 

Well we have the answer, download our DIY spray unit step by step guide and build your own for a fraction of the price. 

Our guide will take you through the steps required to convert a 1,000 IBC and firefighting pump into your very own mobile spray unit. 

Using the Vitec Brass Nozzle, your unit will be able to spray around 5m wide and has the capacity to cover approximately 5 hectares or 10 acres.

Our guide includes the following

  • Detailed parts list 
  • Step by step instructions including diagrams
  • Technical specifications for our Brass Nozzle and Venturi
  • Insights into products which our range that are designed to be applied through this type of set up

Getting started is often the hardest part but once you have the set up in place it’s a breeze to apply your fertiliser. 

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