Copper Sulphate (Bluestone)


Copper Sulphate commonly refered to as Bluestone has many practical uses. Including resolving copper deficiencies in livestock and soils.



Also commonly called blue stone, some agricultural uses are:

  • Soluble source of copper in crystalline form
  • Correction of copper deficiency in animals
  • Correction of copper deficiency in soils
  • Growth stimulant for fattening pigs and broiler chickens
  • Control and prevention of foot rot in sheep and cattle
  • High analysis and value for money a compared to liquid version products


  • Control of the growth of tree roots in sewers
  • Protection against lichens, molds and similar growths
  • Prevention of woodworms and wood rots
  • Can aid disease resistance, especially of a fungal origin
  • Can aid a healthy immune system and helps fight internal parasites
  • Destruction of algal blooms in reservoirs and swimming pools

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